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Bagdad Pottery Mug Tales

The following anecdotes about mugs and their replacements have been conveyed to us either at Salamanca Market or via email.

“The Fireman broke my Mug”

bagdad pottery mug talesThis is the tale of a well-intentioned fireman, but a disaster for ROSLYN. Roslyn had taken her personalised mug to her workplace for the past 12 years. One day there was an industrial fire and she had to flee the workplace without thinking of saving any of her possessions. When given the all clear to return, she was overjoyed to see that her ROSLYN mug had survived the fire. Her joy was short-lived however,  because as she moved to collect her mug, a conscientious fireman clearing obstructing debris, inadvertently threw a large beam in the direction of the mug and broke ROSLYN the mug!!! Roslyn came to Hobart and to our stall at Salamanca Market to invest in another mug – one with at least a 12 year years life expectancy!

“The Goat ate my Mug!”

bagdad pottery mug talesThis is the story of the goat who wanted to see what was at the bottom of Doug’s mug. At a family BBQ, the pet goat took too keen an interest in things he shouldn’t and Doug and his mug were soon parted forever. DOUG the mug, ended looking like a jigsaw puzzle and the goat was banished to the nether reaches of the backyard. Alas, a new DOUG was required and a replacement was duly ordered and gratefully reinstated in Doug’s life. The story doesn’t end there though. The original DOUG mug had been a gift from wife to husband. Feeling sad that his wife’s gift had been broken, Doug bought her a diamond ring!!! So the moral of the story is that while there may not be a pot of gold at the bottom of a BAGDAD POTTERY MUG, there may very well be a diamond ring!!!

A replacement DOUGLAS Mug!

douglas_mug_smlDouglas travelled from Hong Kong to Tasmania in 2000 and bought a personalised Bagdad Pottery mug at Salamanca Market. Fourteen years later, his wife contacted us with this photo and a request for a replacement.

My husband has been travelling to Tasmania in 2000 and bought a personalized mug at your shop. He is very fond of it and uses it till now. Unfortunately, this memorable mug’s handle has been broken recently and he kept quite upset about this. I just wonder if I could order a mug from your shop to Hong Kong, China.” Karen L. Hong Kong

Appreciated Gifts

k4_smlWe thought you might like to see that our grandchildren were happy with their mugs. Thank you again,” May & John P., Sydney




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